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Why AHA Mondays

This once-a-month forum was primarily created as an Open Q&A session for commercial multifamily real estate investors to ask experienced operators and colleagues attending the session, about the industry, the current market trend, and any deals they want an opinion on or, would like to share good/bad experiences. The whole objective of this forum is to share stories, educate each other, and discuss things that aren’t normally spoken about in an open non-judgmental environment. Something that the marketing machinery in the Commercial Real Estate World does not like to talk about.

Hemant (Hey-Month) leads the discussions by preparing for one central/key topic that we all suggest and discuss on and, much more that comes up on the spot. He likes to tell it as it is. No false rosy picture. No sugar coating. No sales-pitch. No “guru” talk. Hemant’s biggest coach in life has been the mistakes he made and the lessons learned, which he loves to share. This helps newcomers from the hidden pitfalls in commercial real estate.

Like most people, Hemant also has multiple interests. With his experience in volunteering and charity, some questions on giving back or philanthropy may also be answered. Also, questions and stories about travel experiences may be shared. With his 17 yrs experience in yoga and meditation and spiritual pursuits, some mind and body or, health and fitness discussions may also take place. If nothing else, we may just share some jokes and laugh together. 😊

We also have a closed Facebook Messenger group where we share important articles, news and announcements, and discounts for various resources out there in the market. You will get a link to be added there in email, once you register for AHA Mondays.

Hemant also created a comprehensive personal and professional bio that was used for many podcast and media interviews. It was widely appreciated as a good reference point for productive interviews. When you register for AHA Mondays you will automatically get a link for that too.

If you want to submit your questions beforehand, please do so via email to –

Note- All sessions may not be recorded depending on the discussion and any shared sensitive data. You will get a link to the recordings once you register.

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